Flip Turn Booster Club

Board Members

 Name  Position   Email 
David Ely  President daveely33@hotmail.com
Jennifer Swider  Vice President jgrumprugrat@aol.com
Jennifer Frances  Treasurer robnjen612@aol.com
Steven Rickert  Secretary sjrickert7071@verizon.net


If you wish to fill an open position, please contact a board member.

Clothing Coordinator: 

  • Oversee purchase of any clothing or other items for the team
  • Approve all purchases with the coach

Senior Night Coordinator:  

  • Organize senior night
  • Purchase senior night gifts

STATES Team Coordinator:  

  • Organize team dinners at states
  • Group photo for States
  • STATES T-shirts

WPIAL Team Coordinator:  Gina Duncan

  • Organize team swimsuit purchases
  • WPIAL T-shirts
  • Group photo
  • Organize Team dinner day before WPIAL’s
  • Organize Team dinner after final WPIAL day

Banquet/Award Coordinator:

  • Organize time, menu, and send invitations for banquet
  • Select and submit for purchase banquet gifts and awards

Concession Stand Coordinator:  Lisa Barnes

  • Purchase food and necessary items for home events and make price sheet
  • Purchase food and necessary items for pool parties and make price sheet

Senior Dinner Coordinator:

  • Organize dinner prior to all Seniors Night meet

Swim Meet/Pool Party Coordinator:  Heather Black

  • Organize volunteers for swim meets/pool parties

Media Coordinator: Jodie Fincke

  • Organize filming of meet and provide copy to Coach
  • Organize team picture day with coordination from Coach
  • Take pictures for banquet video of all swimmers and divers

Website Coordinator:  Gina Duncan

  • Administrate website, manage and publish content, maintain web design
  • Maintain themes and design layout